Fan Art- GIJoe Cobra FANG Redesign

Being a big fan of 80's GI Joe, the famous toy line, one weekend I decided to have fun with a little exercise reenvisioning a classic yet somewhat unorthodox design-the Cobra F.A.N.G. The Fang is an acronym for (Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter) pictured to the right in its original packaging back in 1983. If you like to take a full trip back check out this thorough video review here- http://youtu.be/FbGkLDTSeDs Cobra Command was an extremely well funded somewhat theatrical terrorist organization and the enemies of the GI Joe team-your Great American heroes. 

My redesign is below. My backstory was that Cobra made the Fang from converted unmanned aerial vehicles they stole from the Russian Federation. I illustrated the original Russian design on top. In the middle is the somewhat impractical open cockpit that was an intermediate solution until a full cockpit was issued for the Crimson Guard- the red design on the bottom. The Crimson Guard are the elite red terrorists that are better than the normal blue terrorists...

I tried to maintain the overall feel of the original design, without changing it so much to lose the original feel. I had a great time changing up some of the forms and adding  some fun details.