Star Wars The Old Republic- Galactic Starfighter

While at Bioware working on the Old Republic, I had a great time contributing work to expansion, Galactic Starfighter. I worked on an Imperial Fighter and a Republic bomber.  You can check out the official site here at Star Wars Galactic Starfighter. Check out more of the work on my website, here



Vehicle-Mech/Drone Sketches

These are three mech/drone designs that are intended to support troops with three specific ways. Thinking a bit of gameplay balance/function here in a general sense to inform the designs. These are initial sketches-might take these further into a painting at some point.



The Common Expanse- SkyCarrier Transports.

These are several designs for balloon like transports that use a combination of gas filled bladders, and propellant rockets for lift, to transport water and other cargo around the coastal city.They use pontoons, giving the ability to land at a port or in the water.

Check out the rest on my personal project page...the Common Expanse over on my website


Archive-Halo Design Works

These were some vehicle and architectural designs I worked on for an old project.

A UNSC Rescue Vehicle and Storage Tank

Forerunner Structure


The Common Expanse- Amberth East Pocket Architecture WIP

The coastal area in the industrial city of Amberth. Wind currents keep the polluted breezes of the city away from the East Pocket, a community of craftsmen and traders. The people here struggle to keep the balance of city and nature here, with trees and rooftop gardens- after being pushed into a smaller area by the growing powers of industry.

 Sketchbook ramblings...

Check out the rest on my personal project page...the Common Expanse over on my website

The Common Expanse-Character Brainstorms

Working on a another section for my personal project. Brainstorming some different characters.

Check out the rest on my personal project page...the Common Expanse over on my website


The Common Expanse- Cold Weather Parents

Expecting parents traveling north.

Initial sketch from sketchbook of one of the characters I did while eating Pho with a friend one day.
Check out the rest on my personal project page...the Common Expanse over on my website


Color Sketch-Hive Interior

Lilly Looking Through

A while back in between studio positions I helped my friend create a demo for his Indie Project, Lilly Looking Through. I created background art for the demo. You can check out the demo here on you tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wikMBfPCQZ4 and the game's site if you would like to play it is here...http://geetagames.com/

The team also used the background for a promotional item for their kickstarter campaign.


Sketchbook-The Common Expanse Window Design

Sketching around in the sketchbook for some window designs chronicling tales of history we have written for the world.


Color Sketch- Superman Misunderstood

Just doing a random sketch of an idea for a containment chamber- then i got inspired to have superman waiting patiently inside, misunderstood by his human captors.


The Common Expanse- Sketchbook Jevran Coastal Architecture, Birds

Late night sketching in the hotel lounge while the family was sleeping. 

Airtravel Sketches. I started in the upper left with a sharpie, and the woman sitting next to me complained about the smell, so I had to switch to my hi-tec c given to me by my friend Paul Adam, a concept artist I worked with at Bioware. 

Sketchbook- Affinity Sagas Cargo ShuttleCraft

A few little sketches while eating a burger the other day. Plans for upcoming designs. These were intended to slighty different designs.


The Common Expanse -Cathedral

 A couple of recent paintings for my personal project.Continually refining.

 These were a couple of the sketches I did in my sketchbook, while I was thinking it through...

Check out the rest on my personal project page...the Common Expanse over on my website

The Common Expanse -Plow

Color drawing from my personal project.Nothing like a big rolling pollutant.

My intitial sketchbook idea..
Check out the rest on my personal project page...the Common Expanse over on my website


Color Sketch -Planet Studies

Trying to rest with a cold, but had to do something fun tonight.

Some older sketches...

Some quick level idea sketches...


Color Sketch- Marvel Universe

A couple a paintings/sketches I did a while back. Next to Star Wars, the Marvel Universe is another love of mine.


Color Sketch- Star Wars The Radio Show and Old Republic

 This was a sketch I did of a scene that I had been wanting to visualize for a while, based off the Star Wars Radio show in the 70's. This was a scene where Leia confronts Vader at the spaceport the Empire seizes.

 Below were a couple of older pieces I did as fan art for Star Wars The Old Republic before I worked at Bioware. I wanted to share these with them. These dont represent anything that was ever or will be in development-just me messing around as a Star Wars fan before I was hired. Some of my musings below...

During the time of Darth Vader...
The surface of this forgotten world is covered with the colossal statues and towers of the ancient Sith Empire, eroded over the millenia. These remains are now a place of dark contemplation for fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker-Darth Vader.

At the height of the Sith Empire, in the times of the Old Republic...
The central towers allow the Emperor to harness the dark side energies of the world, wielding planetary scale force lightning and hurl it into space at attacking vessels. For those who embrace the power of the Dark side, this is the center of all Sith teachings

 Underneath the Towers...
Massive Sith Holocrons are stored in the depths of the Sith Towers, allowing their evil knowledge to be transmitted by the towers to other planets nearby. In this shot two lone Jedi, are attempted to sabotage the towers, but are spotted by Sith guards...